Prepare For Harvest

to sow a seed

Sowing today will reap a harvest tomorrow.

It’s interesting that when a farmer plants his field with seed, he doesn’t go out the next day and look for fruit. There’s a lot of work that has to happen before he can harvest anything. He can’t even plant seed until he prepares the ground. After the seed is planted comes the waiting. With patience, a full crop is gathered.

The blessing that we receive today is the result of what we planted in the past. Are you starved for blessing? What have you planted? How much have you worked the soil? How much seed did you sow?

Our blessing comes from the quality and quantity of time that we spend with God. When we turn to Him to renew our minds and let of all our negative attitudes, we prepare the soil and soften our hearts. When we read the word and hunger for His truth, we plant the seeds. When we spend time with Him, soaking in His presence, we water the seeds. Soon, we will reap the harvest of our pressing into Him.

Prepare now for what you will reap in the future. Turn your attention to the One who loves you the most and let Him tend your heart. The harvest of blessing will be beyond what you ever imagined.


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