Are You Waiting For Harvest? When Did You Seed?

If you sew much, you will reap much.

You will harvest tomorrow what you sow today.

Harvesting the fruits of our labor is much the same in the spirit as it is in the natural. You have to put in effort for the reward. Sometimes God will jump a season and go straight to the blessings of harvest, but most of the time, we have a responsibility to do our part.

For instance, tithing now will allow God to bless your finances down the road. Your generosity now will open up blessing later. Time spent in praise and worship now will arm you for warfare when you need it. Reading the word will plant it in your heart for the times when you need to use it.

The seeding and reaping is all about growth and maturity. Putting forth the effort to grow spiritually and act as we’re called to act matures us and allows God to bless us. The more we grow, the more we can seed, the greater the blessings.

If things seem silent and barren, look back to see how much work you put into seeding for harvest. When you neglect the things of God, you’ll have nothing to show for it when you expect it. The blessings your enjoy now is the harvest for your generosity and obedience.

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