Protect Your Identity In The Kingdom Of God

You have a new identity in Christ.

You have a new identity in Christ.

When you come into the kingdom, you become new.  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is new creationold things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2Cor 5:17) You may not feel new, but God sees you as renewed and perfect. You are a royal son or daughter and take on His name. You get a new identity.

The enemy hates that and will work tirelessly to steal your new identity. He does that by making you believe that God is not who He says He is, just as he lied to Eve. Any time you take your eyes off of God and stop believing who you are in the kingdom, you allow the enemy to rob your identity.

Never let that happen. God is exactly who He says He is, so you can always trust Him. You are indeed a royal heir of Christ, with all the privileges and grace that comes with. You can walk boldly before God with the ease of a favorite child and ask anything.

Your identity is bound up in the grace that you walk in through the blood of Christ. To allow the enemy to steal that is to deny what Jesus did for you. Protect your identity in the kingdom by keeping your faith in the one who made you new.


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