God’s Dreams For You Can Look Impossible

God's dreams can look impossible, but they're not.

God’s dreams can look impossible, but they’re not.

Your destiny in the kingdom of God is one of the great blessings that come with salvation. It’s the amazing plan that God has given you — a plan to use your gifts and talents so you do what you love to do.

That destiny often manifests as the dreams we hold onto. The dreams that come from God are different from the dreams that we come up with. Our self dreams are usually ideas that we can see as being manageable. We can see how it can be done. It might take work, but we see the stages of growth.

Sometimes God dreams will scare us because we can’t see how we could possibly do it. They are unbelievable because we don’t understand how to get there. That’s just the way God does things. He will always develop your destiny so you have to keep your eyes on Him.  He wants you to be always looking to Him for the next step.

If you can do that, if you can trust God with your heart, He will walk you through the destiny He developed for you in ways you never saw coming. Go with it. Trust Him to dream with you and be more than you would plan for yourself.


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