Let Go Of Stress, Trust God, And Live In Peace

Peace should be the foundation of your life.

Peace should be the foundation of your life.

If joy is the currency of heaven, then peace is the foundation. The peace of God should rule and reign in your life. No matter what is going on, no matter how hectic or busy you get, you should feel peace.

Stress is the thief of peace. Stress means worry, or fear. You’re afraid of something going wrong. Despite your best efforts, you still think something will go wrong.  That’s the enemy stirring things up to cause fear.

Fear is agreeing with the enemy. It is total lack of faith that God will be there for you. Repent of that immediately. Remember who God is. He is the One who loves you passionately. He is there for you and will bless the work of your hands and keep you safe.

Once you understand that, I mean really understand that, you can relax. You can be busy and run off your feet, but you’ll just be busy, not stressed. Your fatigue will be from a long day of work, not from fear of failure. Peace is the assurance that God has your back in everything you do.  Of course,  that means that you have to put everything in His hands to bless, and He will.

Peace is yours to have. It’s living life in the kingdom.

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