Trust In God And He Will Go Before You And Straighten Things Out

God makes the crooked way straight for you.

God makes the crooked way straight for you.

God never said He would take us out of conflict or trials. In fact, we’re told that the trials are for our benefit. (James 1:2) Salvation was never about living the easy life, it’s living life under grace. That means that we have an advantage that we didn’t have before — God is with us.

When we put God first, above all our relationships and goals, He blesses all that we do. When we trust Him to be everything that we need, He does what we cannot.

I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. (Isa 45:2)

This is awesome. God promises to make things easier for us. Because He goes before us, we may never know what He’s done on our behalf. And if it seems rough now, just think what it would have been if He didn’t straighten things out first!

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. (Psa 37:5)

Trusting in God is what it’s all about. Really trusting. Commit to it. No holding onto fear or worry. Let it all go. When you do, God is there for you, making things easier, making things happen for you. That’s life in the kingdom.


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