Loving God With All Your Heart

Love God with all your heart.

God must be first in your heart.

All the hopes and dreams that you have as a believer will never be answered as long as you fail to put God first in your life. There are so many ways that we move Him down the list of priorities in our heart. Our relationships, our families, our jobs can all take first place in our lives. And then we wonder why we don’t see blessing.

Putting your first love in another person is dangerous. Anything that you love more than God becomes an idol. Your spouse, your children, your boyfriend or girlfriend, no matter how good they are, if you love them more than you love God, then they become a stumbling block to you.

Now here’s the secret. Loving God first does not take away from your love of others. When you throw yourself into the love of God, He cleans you up so your relationships with others become even sweeter. You don’t lose anything and your gain so much more.

Is your happiness tied to another person? Then your priorities are wrong. Ask God to forgive you for putting others first. Commit yourself to loving God with all your heart. Read His promises to you and thank Him for His goodness to you. Press into that love and you’ll start to see the blessings come to you.

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