If God Is Your Shepherd, Then You Are Living Blessed

The twenty-third psalm is such a wonderful inspiration. It should be your go-to source for when you need to be picked up and hugged. The Lord is my shepherd, the one who is in charge. He knows where He taking me. He knows the way, where it’s challenging, and where it’s easy. It doesn’t matter because He’s going with me.

If God is your shepherd, you are blessed.

If God is your shepherd, you are blessed.

He takes me to places of comfort and peace. Perfect places of peace where I am rejuvenated and strengthened and rested. He takes care of all my needs. He knows exactly what I need, even when I don’t, and He has it all worked out.

And when we have to go through the scary places, my eyes are only on Him, so I don’t see anything to worry about. He makes me so comfortable in His presence, that I’m not stressed by anything, even if everyone around me is freaking out.

He blesses me and blesses me and blesses me. I am so blessed, I can’t get my arms around it all. It keeps spilling over. And still He blesses more. I am so happy to be with Him. And I know I will be with Him forever and ever. I never want to be away from my Shepherd.


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