Don’t Be Too Old For The Kingdom

Relax and dance a little.

Relax and dance a little.

Don’t you love to watch little kids dance? What’s not to love about that. You don’t even have to be related to them to get teary-eyed. Their lack of self-consciousness is delightful. They dance because it’s fun and it feels good. And it’s that innocence that God loves when we step away from our grownup attitudes and relax a little.

Do you ever dance a little when you’re alone and a great song comes on TV or your iPod? Even a just a little shuffle step? If you can’t manage that, then you’re way too old for the kingdom. And I don’t mean because you can’t dance a little because of age-related issues. Age is in the heart, and we are called to be as little children.

Have some fun. Do a little dance. God is not impressed by our propriety. He’s impressed with our passion. Look at David! He danced so much he embarrassed his wife to no end. And God loved Him for it.

I challenge you to dance like a child. If you have to be alone to do it, then so be it. Sing a little song while you do. The joy of the Lord is so much greater when we stop fretting about how we look or what other people think. Turn your eyes to God, and do a shuffle step with Him.


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