Confess Your Sins And Be A Friend

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

One of the many reasons for us to be connected as family in the kingdom of God is to have people you can talk to. The Bible says to confess your sins to one another and pray for each other. It’s a lot easier to confess your sins to someone who knows you and understands you than someone you don’t know well.

This openness with each other is helpful. If we are confessing our sins to each other, then both sides are admitting weakness. There is no religious attitude of superiority if one person is admitting sin and the other one is not. There is no judgement because we know our own faults.

The adage is that confession is good for the soul. I agree with that. Any sin is destructive, so having someone pray with you about areas you are weak in is a huge help. Holding onto sin, or hiding, it will only harm you.

We all know the areas we need help in. Be honest with your friends and let them support you. Be a friend to someone else and pray for them. Breakthrough the strongholds in areas that are hard to overcome with prayer and faith. That’s why we are here for each other.


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