Touching Jesus Answers Prayer

Touching Jesus brings healing and provision.

Jesus is the source of all our needs.

When the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, she was healed, because she needed healing. What if she was destitute and needed money? What if she touched the hem of His garment with the sure assurance that the touch would bring the provision that she needed?

You see where I’m going here. I can think of a hundred scenarios where touching the hem of His garment would meet every need. Jesus would stop and turn around and say, I felt that! According to your faith, let it be done.

When you come to Christ, He moves into your heart. Touching the hem of His garment is as close as turning your heart to Him. He is the source off all that we need, a wealth of provision for any area we need help in.

Just as the woman made a physical move to reach Him, we have to make an effort to touch Him as well. Knowing that He can provide is different from pressing into Him with faith and assurance that He will provide. Try it. Reach out to Him in your spirit and see if He won’t flood you with all that you ask for. His healing and provision is as active today as it was for the woman who was healed.

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