Don’t Be Careless With The Truths Of God

Meditate on the truths of God.

The truths of God are gems to be treasured.

When you listen to good teaching, don’t let truth slip through your fingers. It’s too easy to hear something profound, nod in agreement, then pass on to the next gem. Hold onto those. They are given out for a reason.

Write things down. Keep  a notebook of thoughts on truth that you collect. Meditate on them. When you’re reading the Bible, it’s ok to make notes and underline parts that speak to you. They will continue to speak to you when you come upon them again.

The great truths of God are valuable and we are so quick to be on to the next great thing. It’s part of the ever learning, never coming to the knowledge of the truth syndrome. Don’t take in what you won’t consume. If you’re going to listen, or read, then learn from it.

Allow the truth to be absorbed into your spirit so it becomes part of you. Truth is meant to lead you to godliness. If that is not happening, then you have wasted the gems. Go back to them. Dig them out and allow the Holy Spirit to give you deeper meaning. You will gain wisdom and insight that you won’t get any other way.

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