God’s Answers Can Come In Disguise

Don't assume that God has not answered.

God’s answers can come in disguise.

God loves to mess with us sometimes. We pray for something we really need and He sends something that doesn’t look at all what we asked for. But what exactly has He sent? Maybe it is our answer in disguise.

When Israel was up against the Philistines with no victory in sight, God sent them a boy. No one believed that David was the answer to their problem. If they lost, the entire nation went into slavery. It was a huge gamble. A HUGE gamble. But God’s answer was exactly what was needed. Not only was Israel delivered from oppression, they found a new king who would usher in the greatest age that Israel has ever known.

God, send us more Davids! Ask God to help you see His hand action so you don’t dismiss the very answer you are looking for. Are you looking for treasure? Then don’t throw you the ugly looking oyster. It may have your pearl of great price.

Knowing when to recognize God’s provision when it’s not obvious requires communion with Him. If you spend quite, devotional time with Him, you begin to recognize the move of His Spirit. You develop hearing, so when you ask for confirmation, you’ll hear His voice. Spend time with Him, then look around. The answer may be waiting for you already.

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