Trusting In God Releases The Power Of Heaven For You

God's power is awesome to protect.

Agree with God and He will protect you.

Who do you think is stronger and more powerful, God or the devil? Satan did not have the power to stay in heaven. He was kicked out. He is not powerless, but he is not equal to the power of God. A small dog may bite and make noise, but it is not a real threat to a German Shepherd.

When we remember the power of heaven, it’s so much easier to trust God’s word. Worry, anger, frustration, fear are all attacks of the enemy. It may help to visualize these as spirits that are whispering in your ear. Now visualize a massively powerful angel from God, fresh from the blazing presence of the throne standing at your side. When you refuse to give into fear, when you rebuke worry, you give the nod to that angel to release the power of heaven against the spirits sent to hurt you. That battle is done. The enemy has no defense against our faith in God.

The next time you find yourself scared, worried, or unhappy, think about the angels that are waiting for you to let them fight. All you have to do is refuse to agree with what is attacking you. Turn your heart to God and claim His goodness. Your faith to allow God to protect you will send the enemy fleeing.

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