Did You Become A Christian Or A Disciple?

Jesus called us to be His disciples.

Salvation is more than making a decision to be saved.

Jesus never told us to say a prayer and get saved. He said to become a disciple. When we look at the disciples in the Bible, we see that they followed Jesus all over the place. They watched Him work and pray. They saw His relationship with His Father. They were friends.

Jesus wants us all to be that close. We need to know what He taught and how He prayed. We need to have the same relationship with God that Jesus had. None of this is academic. It’s all relational.

If we live the life of a disciple, we will be changed. You cannot be a disciple without changing. You must walk away from the old attitudes of your sinful nature and take on the attitudes of His Spirit—-love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness.

When you live as a disciple, you put others first. Your lifestyle becomes one of kindness to other people. Worshiping God becomes your chief joy. He will be the center of all that is important to you. You can’t help but want to share His amazing love and power to heal and bless.

If all you’ve ever done is pray a prayer to be saved, you’re on the right path. The next step is to get to know Jesus. He’s in your heart and in the Bible. Go find Him.

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