Set Your Clock To God Time

God's timing is perfect.

Set your heart to God’s timing.

Have you noticed that God never seems to be in a hurry? It’s a little annoying sometimes, but that’s because we’ve been led to embrace a fast food culture. We have instant everything. Plus, we have a human nature that is selfish. We want things our way and we want it now.

Once we come into the kingdom of God, we need to allow Him to readjust our soul clock. We need to run on His time, now ours. Patience is a virtue of His Spirit that He put inside us. It’s there. All we have to do is call it out and ask for it to be released in our lives.

We miss so much by being rushed. It is a strategy of the enemy to keep us from fully receiving all that God has for us. Learn to slow down in your spirit, even if you have a hectic life. Allow His peace to set your pace and you’ll be more productive and rested.

We never read about Jesus being stressed for time. His heart was God-focused, not culture focused. Find His peace and patience. Take a deep breath and relax in His hands. He’s got you covered. All you have to is trust Him.

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