Don’t Let The Good Times Get You Down

Don't allow the good things to distract you from your relationship with God.

A grateful heart will keep you safe.

When bad things happen in our lives, we usually feel that the enemy is beating us up. That happens. But what about the good times? What do you do when everything you asked for comes to you? You’re happy. You’re joyful. You make plans you couldn’t make before. You can become distracted by what is good and begin focusing your thoughts and attention on all the good things and suddenly Jesus isn’t even on your radar.

Then we wonder why God has to shake things up in our lives just to get our attention again. He does what we ask Him to do and then we forget Him. Guard against this. It doesn’t have to happen if you are diligent in your praise and worship, remembering that He is the source of all that is good in your life.

Keep a humble spirit. Remember that everything in this world is transient. Give God the glory for the blessing. Thank Him for everything that He is doing for you. Keep a firm grip on your faith. When things go well, it’s because God has been good to you. Be gracious and grateful.

The enemy is sly and subtle and will use every opportunity to steal your relationship with God. Don’t let it happen.


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