Be Excellent. Be A Testimoney

Do all things as unto God.

Your best blesses other people.

Do your best and let God do the rest. That means really doing your best. A halfway effort is not impressive to anyone. Jesus said to walk the extra mile. When you do that at work, in your relationships, or whatever you’ve been called to do, you allow God to put the icing on the cake for you.

If you are not doing your best, but expect God to bless your efforts, I’m not sure it’s going to happen. Why would He do what you wouldn’t do for yourself? He’s waiting for you to give your all, then He will take that and make it so much more than you were able.

The kingdom of God is all about excellence. Substandard work by those who call themselves believers is not honoring to God at all. If other people know your faith, then they expect more from you than other people, and rightly so. To do less, to give less in front of those watching your life is a poor testimony.

Be more than you are expected to be. Be the extra blessing that is not looked for. God will honor that and it will speak volumes to others. It is by the kindness of God that people are saved, and your extra efforts show His kindness to people who need to see it.


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