Bring A Little Royalty To Work

Let God bless your work.

Let God bless your work.

As sons and daughters of the King, we are His royal heirs wherever we go. We carry His presence, whether we feel like it or not. He’s always with us. And when we go to work, He’s right there. Want your company to be blessed? Release the kingdom of God there.

Pray for your employees and co-workers. Bless the business. Ask God to give you ideas and direction that will be beneficial. God can give amazing ideas about business matters. When you hand over those tricky problems that just resist working out, you will be the only one to come up with the perfect answer.

Being a royal heir has its privileges. Blessing from heaven is a great thing to carry around with you, but it takes having a heart devoted to God. He blesses that by answering all your needs, even for work. Your business will do well just by your devotion to God, because He wants to see you to succeed. He gave you gifts and talents for a reason, so He’s ok with blessing them.

Spend some time talking to God about your work and let Him be your silent partner. He has a lot to say and it can greatly benefit you to listen.


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