Do Denominations Matter To God?

We are all family

We are all family

Do denominations matter to God? Not as much as we’d like to think. That’s my opinion anyway. I think the issues come in when the Holy Spirit is not welcome. Aside from that, what the name is on the door isn’t as important as what is in the heart.

We have to stop judging based on names and tradition. It’s not our job anyway. Sit down and talk to people and find out what they really believe. There may be more in common than you think. In fact, it’s very sweet to find out that a denomination you’re not connected to believes very much like you do.

The differences in style aren’t important. God loves the formality and informality as long as it comes from the heart. He’s looking for pure worship, regardless of what it looks like. What He’s not impressed with is robotic behavior. But if the same behavior has depth and feeling to it, then He can bless it.

We’re family — brothers and sisters with different personalities. It’s all good. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. (Jhn 13:35) If we can’t show that, then we have some serious explaining to do.


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