Patient People Are Practically Perfect

Patience makes us perfect

Patience makes us perfect

Have you ever noticed how patient people are perfect? Ok, maybe you don’t know patient people. But God says it’s possible to be perfect, and patience is the key. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. (Jam 1:4)

Yep, not only will you be perfect, you will not lack for anything you need. Now that’s amazing. But how does this work? Patience keeps us from doing stupid things in haste. Our impatience makes us make bad decisions, or even the right decisions at the wrong time.

It’s the enemy who keeps nagging us to run ahead. We get antsy and can’t wait for the still, small voice of wisdom. Patience will keep us calm. Patience keeps our eyes on God and off of the issues we’re stressed about.

Maybe the reason that patience provides all we need is because without it, we run right past it without seeing it. When we are patient, we can stop and pay attention, and notice open doors of opportunity. God is always providing for us, but so many times we fail to see it.

Ask God for patience. Don’t be scared. You’ll go through trials anyway. Might as well do it and be perfect!


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