A Tip On How To Hear God

God is always talking to you, even if you can't hear Him.

God is always talking to you, even if you can’t hear Him.

The ability to hear God is vital to spiritual growth, and without growth, we stagnate and die. When we don’t listen to Him, we’re probably going in the wrong direction. It can be very dangerous. Any tip on how to hear God is a good thing. So here it is:

Today, if you will hear His voice. (Ps 95:7)

1. He’s always talking to you. Everyday. He will always have something to say to you, and you’d better believe that whatever God has to say is worth listening to.

2. You have to want to hear Him. The hearing is conditional. If you will hear. God is not going to breakthrough the game you have going on your iPhone. He’s not going to “smote you in the side” like Peter and wake you up. He’s waiting for you to give Him your attention and your desire to listen.

3. He’s talking today. Get your head out of the future or the past. You can’t hear Him there. Whatever He has to tell you today will prepare you for tomorrow.

Never believe that you can’t hear God speaking to you. That’s a lie. Settle your heart and listen. Don’t expect that His language will always be what you grew up speaking. Allow Him to communicate anyway He wants, because He is. Today. Right now.


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