Finding Favor

the favor of GodWe have a secret weapon to help us be successful in the things that we do–favor.
For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous. With favor You will surround them as with a shield. (Ps 5:12)

When we are righteous under the blood of Christ, we qualify for divine favor. That’s the stuff that opens doors at work, lifts our resumes to the top of the pile, and makes people stop to help us. They won’t even know why they want to help, they just will. When the favor of God is on us, we attract provision, mentoring, and help in the spirit realm that we can’t even see.

The key, of course, is living righteously. It’s allowing God to renew our minds and cleanse us from old ways of living and thinking. It’s developing intimacy with God so we hear His voice and follow His guidance. When we’re listening to Him, we’ll follow Him through open doors. If we are not listening to Him, He can open doors, but we’ll be going the wrong direction.

So basically, favor is listening to God. He’s got our path laid out for us. If we find the place of peace where we hear His voice, we’ll follow that path and everything that we need will fall into place. Goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives and favor will surround us like a shield.


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