Why Tithing Matters

tithes and offeringsGod wants to change us from the inside out. He wants to rewire our priorities. He wants us to realize that when we give, we don’t lose anything. In fact, we get back more than we gave. It’s a spiritual dynamic. God doesn’t need our money, He needs us to get our eyes off of it. If we can’t give, it’s because we’re fearful of giving. We think we can’t afford it.

A tithe is ten per cent–it belongs to God. Not because He needs it, but because He wants to teach us to trust Him more than our bank account. Once you enjoy the freedom of giving, nothing that happens with your money will alarm you. The bank can fail, but if your trust is in God, there’s nothing to stress about. He knows. He sees what’s happening and what you need and He’s got you covered.

Jesus talked about money over and over because it’s so hard for us to let go of it. If you are not tithing, you’re probably having money problems. Start giving your tithe and watch how things work out for you. Let go of that fear. Living in the kingdom is a trust fall into God’s arms. Yes, it’s a little scary to make that first jump, but you couldn’t land in safer arms.

Giving is like everything in the kingdom. God will forgive you to the same measure that you forgive others. He will bless to the measure that you bless. He will give to the measure that you give, but God always gives more than we do. He just needs us to keep our eyes on Him, not our bank account.


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