Joy Is A Weapon Of Warfare

joy in the Lord releases God's presence

Joy will break strongholds.

If love is the foundation of the Kingdom of God, joy is the currency. All our actions must be filtered through a heart of love. We must have affection for people and care about their destiny, their welfare, and their needs. Love will temper a word of discipline and melt away an angry reaction.

But the power in the kingdom comes through a heart of joy. It is through praise and joy that we release the presence of God around us, and when that comes, anything can happen. Joy unleashes the goodness of God. It brightens our friends and terrifies the enemy. The enemy knows that joy comes from the heart of God, and when we have that, we are a walking, talking agent of warfare.

You can’t stress when you are full of joy. You can’t be negative and pessimistic. Joy gives you heavenly eyes that see the possibilities and miracles that are a leap away. Joy takes you deep into the Spirit, into places you can’t get to with serious concentration.

God’s joy isn’t silliness. It may act silly, but it is a powerful truth that requires us to lay down all our fears and ride the currents of His presence. Joy will move God to answer faster than hours and hours of pleading prayer. Stock up His joy and change the world.

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