God Is The Greater Power

The word of God is a powerful weapon.

God within you is always more powerful than the enemy

Satan is not the opposite of God. Satan and God are not diametrically opposite powers. That implies that both have equal powers, and that is not the case. Satan is a created being and God is the one who created him. Satan’s powers are limited, and God’s powers are endless. Don’t assume anything different.

Satan’s huge weapon is deceit. Without real power, he can only use guile to gain advantage. If he can convince us to stop believing the truth of God, then he wins. But his weapon is all cloud and vapor. There is no substance to it.

When we walk in the truth of God, we carry the power that created the worlds without end. The enemy has no power to create life, while Jesus resurrected from the dead. Prayer can cast down strongholds. Those strongholds are not as powerful as you think they are. They are not more powerful than the word of God.

Strongholds are the areas of strong resistance that you keep butting up against in the spirit. Declare the name of Jesus and tell them to leave. Cast them down and they will be cast down. Don’t ┬ábe flippant about it. Soak yourself in the presence of God, and take enemy ground for the kingdom. If you believe in the word of God, then you are armed for warfare.



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