Pray For Your Leaders And Change A Nation

Prayer is a powerful tool to change a leader's heart.

Pray for your leaders and change a nation.

Do you want to see the kingdom of God released in your country? Then pray for your leaders. They are the targets of enemy attack. If the leader can be persuaded to believe deception, then the country cannot be blessed with the guidance of God.

Pray that the scales of deception fall from the eyes of those in power. Let them have eyes that see and ears that hear so they understand the will and the ways of God. Ask that they be filled with the wisdom of God and revelation from heaven. Let their hearts be moved with a hunger for truth and justice. Let them be filled with compassion for people and outrage for injustice.

Your prayers can move mountains and they can change the heart of a president, a minister, or a king. You prayers are powerful. Join with others and your prayers become magnified in power. Don’t bad mouth your leaders. Bless them and pray for them. They can be moved to do good with your support. Strongholds can fall. Lies can be exposed. The kingdom of God can be released to bless a nation.

Spend time in praise and worship so your heart can be open to know how to pray effectively. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. (Jam 5:16)


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