Obedience In The Small Things

God blesses obedience, no matter how small.

Obey in small things to see big rewards.

Jesus told a story of a man who gave his servants each a certain amount of money to invest. One servant did nothing with the money given to him and was berated for it. In fact, his money was given to the one who made the biggest return. (Luk 19:11-27)

Do you want to see God do big things in your life? Then be obedient in the small things. Can you be honorable in all the areas of your life? Can you obey the law, even when it annoys you? Can you obey God’s word, even when no one is looking? Can you obey the small nudge to go out of your way when you don’t feel like it?

If you can’t do the small things, God cannot trust you with anything bigger. But if you can, then you can expect more than you asked for. Those servants who did invest the money given to them were made rulers over cities. That wasn’t made clear to them before their master left them.

If you can obey in the small things, God will bless you in big ways. He loves obedience over sacrifice. (Sam 15:22) Big answers require big faith, and you build faith from starting small. Be obedient in the small things and watch what happens.

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