Finding God In The Quiet Place

peace be still

Learn to be still

Remembering God during the day is a good thing. Talking to Him, even if it’s on the fly, is a good thing. But hearing what He has to say may take some slowing down. It may require a full stop.Be still and know that I am God. (Ps 46:10) There are times when He may roar and thunder, but most of the time, He wants us to lean into Him to listen. That’s that only way you’ll hear His still, small voice.

There’s something peaceful and serene in the stillness. It’s a protected place that the enemy can’t get into. It refreshes your spirit and restores calm. If you are worried about things, you never get to that peace, so you won’t hear Him.

Being still before God means putting aside everything else in your life and waiting on Him. Even if you start with lingering anxiety, the more you settle your spirit and listen for His voice, the more those anxieties start to drift away. He wants your whole attention–nothing divided between Him and your worries. And when you do hear┬áHim, He has the answers you need.

Find the stillness and you will find Him waiting.


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