Footsteps In The Sand

I love how God cares for me.

I recently experienced a great disappointment in my life. I gave it to the Lord repeatedly, but while it was still fresh, I struggled to not hold onto it. I decided to give myself a day away, so I drove to a beautiful place along the California coast that draws people from all over the world. I sat on the rocks and watched the waves and listened to harbor seals bark to each other for a long time. I talked to God and told Him how sad I was and asked Him to take care of the situation for me. It was a beautiful setting and easy to see the hand of God all over the place so I did find peace.

As I walked back to my car along a sandy path worn by thousands of people, I suddenly noticed a shoe print that got my attention. Rather than the typical ridged tennis shoe footprint, this one had a clearly defined heart right in the middle of the shoe, right in the middle of the path. It was such a clear print that who ever owned the shoe must have been only a few minutes ahead of me on the path. I started looking for more prints and began following this trail of hearts.

Then God spoke very clearly to me – I have gone before you and made a way through My love. It was such a powerful message that I choked up. I know He will work all things together for my good, because He told me so. How amazing of God to speak to me in a way that perfectly heals my heart. He is so good.


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5 thoughts on “Footsteps In The Sand

  1. erickr

    I am glad He met you there. I am sorry for your hurt. God bless you. Remember, our home is always open for a retreat (even if you don’t drink coffee!).

    1. Diana Symons

      I actually did think of you, but too late to really plan out the drive. I’ll try to get down there, just because : )


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