How To Worship

Worship is not the same as prayer.

Worship understanding who God is.

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you may find a tutorial on how to worship a little insulting, but let’s talk about what worship is not. It’s not prayer. It’s not asking God to do something for us. It’s not praise. It’s not being excited about what He does and dedicating ourselves to Him. It’s about letting Him know that we recognize who He is.

I think it’s helpful to spend time meditating on all the aspects of God so when we go into worship, we have a frame of reference to draw from. Make a list of all the names of God and all the references of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Pick one and think about what it really means.

King of kings. It’s easy to think, well there’s a bunch of kings and Jesus is the king of all of them, next. Back up a minute. A king is someone God has raised up. Someone with authority and power. Someone responsible for the lives of his people. Someone who must consider future generations. Now think about how Jesus fills that role, over all kings! So now, when you go into worship, you declare that Jesus is King of kings, you think about how majestic and wise and powerful He is.

Go through your list prayerfully and let God show you the real meanings to those names. Then go through the characteristics of God – He is kind, merciful, loving, generous, etc. It will change your worship and draw you into a new realm of relationship with Him.


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