God Cares About The Small Things That Matter To You

God cares about the small things that matter to us.

God cares about the small things that matter to us.

God loves you. Can you stop and contemplate that for just a second. God, who made all the heavens and the universe, knows you and loves you, wildly. His is a God-sized love, bigger than you can imagine. And, amazingly, He cares about all the small thing in your life.

I know someone who went through a rough patch in life and was forced to accept free groceries from a local church. She hated to do it because of her pride, but it was necessary and kind of the church to make the offer.

On her way home from picking up her free food, she complained to God about how unfair life was being. As she carried the bag of groceries into the house, she noticed a jar of peanut butter in it. She rolled her eyes and told God, “If you really love me, that will be crunchy peanut butter.” She felt that in her situation, God was completely ignoring her.

When she got inside, she reached in and pulled out the jar. It was Extra Crunchy. She immediately┬árecognized God’s message that, she was, in fact, greatly loved. It broke her and she had to admit that God was still being good to her.

God loves us so much more than we can comprehend, and He cares about what matters to us, even the small things.


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