God Is Not Looking For Perfection, He’s Looking For Humility

God is not looking for perfect, but humility.

God is not looking for perfect, but humility.

Maturity requires that we learn and grow. And don’t you know that mistakes will be made along the way. That’s not that big a deal. In fact, God is not so much interested in seeing you be perfect as He is in seeing how you handle the ups and downs.

When we fail at something, we beat ourselves up about it and make it worse that it really is. Or we panic and try to cover it up. Neither way is good. Learning to grow in maturity is the ability to be transparent with what works and what doesn’t. When you make a mistake, admit it. Learn from it. Don’t be afraid.

God said to fear not. He said to trust Him. If something blows up that shouldn’t have, don’t assume that it’s the end of the world. Trust God to help you work it out. That’s what faith is all about. When you give the mess over to Him, He’ll walk you through it. No matter what happens, trust Him. Always trust Him.

The more you trust when things go wrong, the stronger you grow in maturity and the more you can be trusted with. Maturity isn’t about being perfect. It’s about how you handle being wrong. Be humble. Learn as you go and don’t let your pride get in the way. The lessons may be hard, but they are exactly what you need for your next promotion.

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