Judging People Is Not The Answer, Loving People Is The Answer

The kingdom of God is about showing kindness to an unkind world.

The kingdom of God is about showing kindness to an unkind world.

Being saved into the kingdom of God isn’t only about our relationship with God, it’s also about our relationship with each other. We are a family, one body. We are to love each other as much as we love ourselves. We are to show kindness, mercy, and grace to each other. And that means that we don’t judge.

Being judgmental is being critical, finding fault. We make assumptions, then take an attitude of superiority. There’s no love in that. None.

The way to stop being judgmental is to stop looking at the issue and start looking at the need. You think someone is wrong about something. What is making them do that? They need God. They need healing. They need blessing.

That’s where you come in. You are God’s ambassador with all His authority. Pray. Release blessing. Love. Ask God to make you sensitive to catching yourself being judgmental. Then repent when you do. Ask God to give you a greater capacity to love everyone, no matter what.

You spread the kingdom by releasing the kingdom. Stop judging people and start loving them. That does not mean that people don’t need to be corrected, but love them anyway. Real love will overlook bad character, and people with bad character need to be loved.


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