You Are Going To Screw Up. Do It With Grace

Pick yourself up with grace and God will be open new doors.

Pick yourself up with grace and God will be open new doors.

Did you think that when you came to Christ He’d make you perfect? That’s actually a lie of the enemy. If we think we’re supposed to be perfect, then the first time we fail, and we will, we’ll be seriously disappointed in our faith. That’s exactly what the enemy wants us to feel.

The truth is, we are human and that’s not a surprise or revelation to God. He’s very aware of our humanity, and He loves us for it. He knows what our challenges are. He knows how hard they are, and He is compassionate when we fall. He’s not as judging as you may think.

Remember the story of the prodigal son. The father ran to meet his fallen son and love on him. God is always kind to us. We have so much grace as His sons and daughters. He can take what ever we’ve broken and breathe life into it in ways we never see coming.

The question is, how will you react to your own failure? Will you beat yourself up because you agree with the enemy that you shouldn’t be human afterall? Or will you ask for favor and start again? Don’t allow failure to guide your life or your decisions. You will fall, it’s part of life and growing, but you don’t have to dwell on it. Learn and go on.

There’s a lot riding on how you deal with failure. People you are not even aware of are watching. If you can take a face-plant and get up graciously, then you communicate more than volumes of sermons ever could. The ability to pick yourself up in humility, without a bruised ego, is the work of God in you.

If you can admit your mistakes with grace, ask for help where you need it, and move on to the next thing in the peace of God, you show the kingdom in a way that is usually never seen by the world. They are used to tantrums, depression, and finger-pointing. Honesty and humility go a very long way to showing how amazing God is in us.

And when you move on in grace and humility, you free God to do exactly what you need. If you blame other people or berate yourself, then you actually prevent God from helping you. He needs your faith that He can be all you need Him to be–in your successes and your failures.

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