Being Truthful Doesn’t Mean Being Unkind

Ask God to help you communicate in love.

Ask God to help you communicate in love.

Why is it so easy to blurt out something unkind in the guise of telling the truth? We think we have to tell people the truth no matter what, but we forget to do it in love. All we end up doing is making a mess messier. We haven’t helped anything.

The first rule of truth-telling is to stop for a bit and think about what needs to be said, and how it can be said in kindness. You can still get your point across, even a very sharp point, but it doesn’t have to leave people bleeding and in pain.

The Holy Spirit is there for you. Ask for help. He will know exactly how to give you the words and tone to communicate effectively and bless the other person without hurt. It’s easier than you think, but you have to pray into it first. If you have a heart to love the other person, you can say what needs to be said truthfully, but kindly.

Too much damage is done when words are said in haste and emotion. Don’t create a reason for division. God can fix anything the enemy has broken. Just take it to Him first.

It takes A Lot Of Strength To Be Meek


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