Is Your Praise About God Or About You?

Give God the praise that He deserves.

Give God the praise that He deserves.

Don’t get praise and thankfulness confused. When you praise God, it should not be about everything that He has done for you or the promises that you know you have. Be thankful for that, but praise God for who He is.

Praise is exclaiming the awesome aspects of God–His greatness, His mercy, His goodness, and His love. Just think about the time you will stand before God’s throne. Will you tell Him, “Oh God, I prayed about my job and I got one.” I don’t think so. I think we’ll be so amazed at being in His presence, it will be hard to think of anything but how magnificent He is.

Your praise should be like that. Think about who God is. Think about what He is like. Ask Him to show you more of Himself and you’ll have more to praise Him with. You can asked everyday for eternity and you’ll always have new things to praise Him for.

Thank God for what He does for you in your prayer time. Be diligent to do that, because a thankful heart attracts more blessing. But in your praise and worship, take your eyes off of yourself.  Praise belongs to God. All of it.

Don’t Let The Rocks Outdo Your Praise


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