Heaven Is Jesus

Jesus brings heaven to your heart.

Jesus brings heaven to your heart.

I heard a story recently about a Muslim woman who came to Christ because she had a personal encounter with Jesus. Apparently she had an experience of going to heaven, because people kept asking her what heaven was like. Her answer was, heaven is Jesus.

How amazing is that? That Jesus is so magnificent, so awesome, that He describes that perfect place of communion with God. When you look into His eyes, all you see is Jesus, nothing else.

We have such a tarnished view of Jesus, like He’s some manby-pamby shepherd petting sheep all day, instead of the the Son of God who took the keys of death and hell for us. The love that He carried to the cross comes straight out of His eyes. How riveting that must be.

Heaven is Jesus. Heaven is where Jesus is. So what do you think happens when you ask Jesus into your heart? He brings heaven home to you. That is┬áthe presence of God living inside you. All the power that raised Christ from the dead, all the love that saves you and blesses you, lives right inside you. It’s more than we can truly grasp.

Think about this for bit and thank God for His awesomeness and love.

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