So Where Is God When You Need Him? Watch The Instant Replay

God is there, all the time.

God is there, all the time.

Where is God when you need Him? Doesn’t it seem like He’s never there right when everything falls apart on you? Right when you really need Him! I think we’ve all been there. But if we could watch a slow motion replay of those events, we’d see a different story.

First of all, when everything falls apart, we tend to panic. That’s called fear. When we allow fear to take over, we literally block God’s access to us. We’re telling Him, “I don’t believe that you can actually do anything here, so I’m just going to panic.” It’s like you put your fingers in your ears and run around yelling, “la la la la”.

In that instant replay, you can see God reaching out and, if you have the audio up, you’d hear Him telling you everything you need to hear. Unfortunately, you can’t hear any of it because you’re in panic mode with your fingers in your ears.

The truth is, God is always with you. If your first response is to turn to Him, you’ll find Him every time. He will always be everything you need Him to be. You just have to learn to trust Him. That means being perfectly relaxed in the face of a shambled mess. Ask God to work it out, and enjoy watching Him do it. He can be very creative sometimes.


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