Don’t Assume That God Is Not With You When Things Go Bad

Trust God and relax in the storm.

Trust God and relax in the storm.

Do you need to have everything peaceful in your life to believe that God is on your side? It would be helpful to realize that God is always on your side. The disciples panicked in the boat when the wind and rain threatened to capsize them, but Jesus was with them and rebuked them for their little faith. (Mat 8:25-27)

The disciples needed to know that even when circumstances weren’t just bad, they were terrifying, God was with them. The wind and the rain didn’t affect how God would save and protect.

It is a lie of the enemy that says when things go wrong, or look scary, that God isn’t with us. Even if the situation is a problem that we created ourselves, He is still on our side. He is still working to save, heal, and deliver. He wants the best for us, no matter how bad it looks.

Fear not. Repeat to yourself, fear not. God is with you. His name is Emmanuel, God with us. Relax and trust Him. If you are not relaxed, then you are not trusting Him fully. Once you decide to let Him help you, you’ll see a world of difference. He will do what you can’t. He’s God, so let Him be God for you.


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