Becoming A Better You — Don’t Walk Away From Blessing

Becoming a better you.

Becoming a better you.

Criticizing other people isn’t actually helpful, because we already know our faults. We know where we lose our temper, our patience, and our joy. We can really beat ourselves up about it too. Maybe you know all that and want to change. Maybe you don’t think it’s possible. Maybe you don’t care — you know your faults and everyone else can live with it.

Our personalities are not written in stone. We can be molded and shaped by the hand of God. Unhealthy attitudes can be replaced with good, blessed attitudes from heaven. We can be a better version of ourselves.

How is that possible? By submitting to the Holy Spirit. He sees and knows everything about you. Put yourself in His hands. Ask Him to do a work in you. He may show you memories of events you need to forgive. He may show you where you need to repent. He may show you the root issues that will untangle a web of bad thinking.

And the awesome thing is, for every bad attitude that you let go of, He can replace it with something wonderful. If you don’t allow God to clean you up, you are leaving an abundance of blessings on the table that you’ll never enjoy. It’s worth the effort and you’ll be so happy.


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