God Makes Us Better Lovers

Bless those who frustrate you.

God will help us love when we can’t on our own.

The nature of humanity is such that we will not like everyone we meet. Personality differences alone  will put us at odds even with other believers. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how you respond to those people that matters.

There is a vast chasm between our human nature and the kingdom of God. We are  naturally selfish. The kingdom is naturally loving and generous. We can “work” at being more loving, but that will ultimately collapse under its own weight. Fortunately, God has given us all that we need to live perfectly in His kingdom.

The Holy Spirit is our source for love and kindness. If there is someone in your life  that you are at odds with, bless them. Set aside your defenses and your rights and bless them. Ask the Holy Spirit for His character to be released in your life.

You will soon see a change in your attitude. Someone you used to feel antagonistic towards will become someone you dearly love, even if that love is not returned. That’s the wonder and the power of being transformed into His image. We become lovers through His presence in our lives. When you submit yourself to being changed, you come into a closer agreement with God, and that opens you to a world of blessing.

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