Our Dreams Are Part Of Our Destiny

Dreams never die, they just tarnish.

God blesses our dreams.

Dreams never die, they just become tarnished. Our dreams are real, like a lacy covering of an idea that came from God. They have substance and a place in the reality of our destiny. They remain, despite the attention we give them.

It is the enemy that makes us feel that our dreams are stupid. It is his lies that lure us away from our heart’s desires. The dreams that come from God will always speak to us of promise and potential. They make us excited to even consider.

There is life in what could be, because our dreams, the ones that beckon us up, carry the fragrance of the Spirit of God. It is His way of calling us to a higher place of joy and grace. Even if those dreams seem mundane and simple, when we are called out of ourselves, we grow in faith to achieve them. God blesses that with His grace.

Allow yourself to remember. Allow yourself to dream. There is more to this life than the requirements for survival. We were created to be expressive and joyful. Open your heart to His wooing. He is leading you to a realm of wonder and delight. Dreams do come true, and it is His delight to see you happy.

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