God Is More Than An Old Man Sitting On A Throne

God doesn't belong in a box.

God doesn’t belong in a box.

When you think of God, do you visualize an old man with a long white beard sitting on a throne? He doesn’t say anything, does He? He just sits there. That’s a very common image for most people when they think of God. Suppose someone described you as someone who sits in a chair, and that’s all. Yes, you probably do sit in a chair, but you probably have a life and are quite active outside your chair.

God is so multidimensional that it’s laughable to think that He’s a caricature sitting on a throne. Actually, I think that’s what the enemy wants us to believe. What are all the names of God that describe Him? Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, Lion of Judah, Lamb of God, Father, King of Kings, Savior. And there are more.

I know I mixed up names for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but God is a triune God. ┬áThat is, He’s three people, so all the names are appropriate. That’s what makes Him so much more than an old man on a throne.

Get Him out of the box. He doesn’t belong there. You are free to relate to Him in many ways–friend, counselor, savior, king. He is everything that we will ever need.

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