God Will Perfect The Plans He Has For You

God will perfect the the things that matter to us.

God will perfect the the things that matter to us.

We may not always know what we’re doing, but it’s good to know that God does. Some people are seriously organized and focused from an early age. Other people wander through life without any seeming direction. God knows that. He knows everyone and how they are wired and He has a plan and a destiny for each one.

It’s difficult to imagine how God can track all of us at the same time, but He’s God. He’s not human and limited as we are. He knows what you want and how to get you there. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. (Ps 138:8) He will perfect His plans for us, if we let Him.

Yes, you can work against God and never see the good things in store for you. But if you follow His lead, He’ll make a way to bless the skills and talents that you have and use you in ways that you would love. It’s all in the relationship we have in Him. As we love Him and give Him our heart, He blesses and works things out for us.

He will perfect the things that matter to us. He can do what we cannot. He takes what we have and adds blessing to it. He is amazing.

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