God Knows Just How To Test Your Willingness To Obey

Can you be faithful, no matter what?

Can you be faithful, no matter what?

It seems that God doesn’t mind making us a little crazy just to see if we will trust Him. He said to go dip in the river seven times, go back again and see if there’s a cloud yet, go show yourself to the priests. I think He knows what will push our buttons and make us balk at what He says to do. If it really doesn’t make sense to do, will we do it out of obedience anyway?

It’s called faith. Faith is believing outside of what we know, no matter how silly or strange. When we recognize the voice of God, we are responsible for obeying. We get hung up when we don’t understand what or why He asks what He does, so we may refuse to do it.

We have to get over looking foolish. We just don’t see the reasons why. If we did, we’d gladly do what ever it is we’re hesitant to do. So why do we have to know? It’s just human nature I guess, but we have to get over it.

If we can be obedient when God speaks, He can trust us to do great things in the kingdom. Faith will follow Him where our eyes will not.


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