When Everything Falls Apart, Give It To Jesus

When things fall apart, let Jesus help.

When things fall apart, let Jesus help.

Do your best plans seem to be falling apart? Does everything you touch collapse before your eyes, despite careful planning? Do you feel discouraged when that happens? Stop for a second and remember that discouragement does not come from God. Anything that makes you feel bad is from the enemy.

If you can rise above the bad feelings when things fall apart, you may see that the enemy is terrified of what you are about to do. He will throw a wrench into the works any time he sees God about to move or bless.

Laugh in the enemy’s face, because you have God on your side. Give it all over to Jesus. He said He would carry the load for you. He said to trust in Him first and He’ll work out all the rest. ¬†God can fix anything, even when we screw it up ourselves.

That’s the great wonder of living in the kingdom. We have God with us to bless us and help us through everyday. Stop worrying about tomorrow and give God today to bless. Put your trust in Him and He will work it out. He’s the best.

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