Never Let Go Of Your Joy, No Way, No How

Never let go of your joy.

Never let go of your joy.

Never lose your joy. Never lose your excitement and wonder of the things God does for you. Joy isn’t something to be blessed with on special occasions. Joy is for everyday life. It is the kingdom of God–righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Rom 14:17)

The enemy wants to rob you of joy above all things. If he can get you to lay down your joy, then you start looking at your problems and not God. Then you are no threat to him. But when you keep your focus on God and all His goodness, you can hold onto joy because you are filled with His peace.

Living in the kingdom should be joyful. On earth as it is in heaven. There is no discouragement in heaven. Heaven is filled with the presence of God, and He is the source of all joy. That’s how we should live here.

Take back your joy. Hand over everything that is bothering you to Jesus. He said He was here to help. There’s enormous relief in realizing that. You can relax when you know that everything is in God’s hands. Joy is easy to have when you’re not stressed, and stress should never run your life. If it is, your priorities are in the wrong place.

Find your joy and keep it. Forever!

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5 thoughts on “Never Let Go Of Your Joy, No Way, No How

  1. Josie McHale

    LOVE IT! So agree 110%. Trust in God, trust in you and let go. Keep the joy that is your core always a part of you and never forget it. Even when you are challenged. Great reminder! Thank you Diana!

    1. Diana Symons Post author

      Hi Josie. Holding onto joy is intentional. It’s surprising how much work it is, but oh so worth it. Be blessed, my friend.

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