God Remembers His Good Works, Do You?

Remember His blessings and answered prayer

Write down all the things God has done for you.

There’s a reason that the Israelites built monuments when God did something miraculous. We forget stuff. We forget important stuff. We need a way to remember the things that matter. When God does something awesome in your life, write it down. Keep a notebook, or a Word file, or something to track the answered prayer and blessings you receive.

Remember His marvelous works which He has done, His wonders and the judgments of His mouth. (Ps 105:5) So it’s not just a good idea, God says to do it. He knows we’ll forget. He knows we’ll get discouraged at some point and need a point of reference to go back to.

Reviewing the good things that God has done will help tremendously when you feel like He’s forgotten you, when everything seems to fall apart. Pull out that list and remind yourself how He moved for you. Look at that list of blessings and your spirit will lift as well. Tell yourself to bless the Lord as you remember what He has done.

There’s power in the testimony. When you repeat what God did before, you set the stage for Him to it again, for you and others as well. God remembers His good works, do you?

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