God Already Loves You Completely

God can't love you more than He does.

You can’t earn God’s love.

Do you really understand that God loves you regardless of what you do? He loves you when you mess up and He loves you when you are intentionally bad. There is nothing that you can do to make Him not love you.

It’s hard to fully comprehend how much God loves us. He loves serial killers.Yep. He’s grieved by what they do, but if they turn to Him, they have a future and a hope that has always been theirs. We are all made to have fellowship with Him regardless of the decisions that we make.

God will not love you more if you are good. He loves you as much when you are good as when you are bad–which is complete and beyond understanding. That means that you don’t have to perform for Him. You can’t turn perfect love into more perfect love.

God’s love does not make you feel guilty. Jesus didn’t die on the cross to make you feel guilty. He died so you could be perfect in Him and live in His joy. How should you respond to that? The correct answer is–with all your heart.

Let go of any idea that you have to be perfect to be loved. It’s just not true. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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7 thoughts on “God Already Loves You Completely

  1. Anna

    So very beautifully true, still something many of us battle, trying to “be good.” Once we receive Jesus as Saviour, He helps us be as good as we humans can. As you say, He loves us no matter what. Thanks for this. 😉

    1. diansym Post author

      Thank you, Anna. What has helped you nail the truth of this in your life?

      When I see God blessing broken people, it reminds me that His love is unconditional.

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